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(Last update: 23 April 2015)

Staff Development and Personal Growth

The Group values the well-being of our employees as a first priority and has persisted in its core thought of “human resources and culture are the most precious wealth” and combines the establishment of a talent team with the creation of a corporate culture. Besides, by inheriting the “people first” principle, it has placed the emphasis of the human resources work on “cultivating and using people” so as to provide its staff with simple and harmonious human relationship, challenging jobs, vast development opportunities and benefits satisfactory to staff.

During the year, the Group sustains its leadership position by diversifying the workforce which  we consider to be one of the greatest strengths in leveraging both local knowledge and international experience. We provide our people with job transfer opportunities among our global locationss. A total of 182 employees had been rotated worldwide over the last 3 years. As of end of 2014, the Group had a total of 10,781 employees (excluding staff of our joint venture projects), of which, 4,720 persons were in Hong Kong and Macau, 5,335 of them were in Mainland China, and 726 were working overseas.

Staff Recruitment Programme
Besides getting seasoned professionals from the open market, the Group also organised campus recruitment programmes to grasp young engineers from 4 universities in Hong Kong. Not least, hiring graduates with  top caliber from well-known  universities in Mainland China through its “Recruitment Programme for the Son of the Sea” enabled the Group to recruit outstanding young talents from other establishments in an effective manner.

Staff Training and Development
The Group provides the full support for its staff for lifelong learning and self value-adding. The Group has put aside capital to set up the “Staff Education Fund”. The Group will also hammer out training programmes according to the needs and interests of the staff, which cover the corporate system, management  skills and occupational skills, quality assurance, team-building and communication skills. More than 3,300 participants took part in the courses during the period.

In order to cope with the Group’s business development on an international scale, executive director of the Group delivered trainings on “Business Transformation and Development” and “Infrastructure Business Management” to our key management team. By means of its all-rounded “Talent Development Scheme”, “Graduate Engineer Scheme A Training Programme” and its “Apprentice Training Scheme”, the Group provides opportunities for its staff for exposure in different capacities, which  help to enhance the overall quality of its staff and to provide a reserve of capable people for its team. The Group has also made use of its advantage in overseas business to hammer out the “International Plan for Cultivating Talents”, with the system of exchange of people and rotation, selection and dispatching of talented staff to learn in overseas regions so as to broaden their vision with the international exposure, thereby effecting the training of people for the international arena.

Incentive Mechanism
The Group fully recognises that the effectiveness of a system depends on its implementation. Rewards systems are designed and strictly executed to ensure that company compensation and benefits are competitive and allocated on the basis of merit. With the implementation of the “Site  Contracting Responsibility System” and the “System of Departmental Operation and Management Objectives and Responsibilities”,  all the departments  of the Group have to determine their business indicators and plans according to the annual financial planning and budget presented by the financial department as the key basis for their respective performance assessment. Various incentive mechanisms including “Award of Outstanding Staff” and “Award  of Outstanding Trainers” are implemented to extend our recognition towards remarkable staff contribution. To maintain a competitive remuneration position within the marketplace and set reasonable pay level to its staff, the Group carries out regular benchmarking and salary survey with the industry.

Environmental Protection and Promotion

As a socially responsible contractor, the Group always champions green management in  construction planning in order to create a pleasant environment to our society. The Group has adopted technologically innovative measures and green practices to reduce carbon footprint and help avert global warming, take up our corporate responsibility to improve the environment. In 2014 China State (Hong Kong) and China Overseas Building granted the ISO50001:2011 Energy Management Systems certification.

In line with the rising concern of the community on building environmental performance and expectation of clients on green building construction, the Group encouraged and sponsored its staff to participate in BEAM Pro Training and gain the BEAM Pro status to provide endless professional inputs to project management. Currently, a number of our staff members have obtained the qualification of BEAM Pro.

With the concerted efforts of the Group, the results were remarkable. The Central-Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel (Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Section) Project won the Outstanding Environmental Management and Performance Award (Gold Award) under the Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2013-2014, three other projects also won the Merit Award in the award scheme. The Central-Wan Chai Bypass  Tunnel (Causeway  Bay Typhoon Shelter Section) Project also won the Merit Award in the Sectoral Award in Construction Industry in “The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence” in 2014.

Same as previous years, the Group is actively committed to environmental activities. In the yearly “China State Environmental Protection Day”, the Group participated in the “Hoi  Ha Wan Marine Park and Sheung Yiu Folk Museum Guided Tour” organised by district community. Through the guided tour, staff acquired the knowledge and appreciated the works on  natural resources and cultural  heritage conservation. All  the Group’s construction sites organised the Expired Helmets Recycling Activity in June. The activity raised the awareness of workers on the expiry of safety helmets and reduced disposal of recyclable material.

The Group also required all subcontractors to comply with our environmental policies. Regular site meetings were  held  with  subcontractors to  discuss environmental protection related issues. Moreover, the Group also organised training on environmental management systems for its staff and subcontractors to arouse their awareness on environmental protection and promote resources saving. Our staff were also encouraged to explore and adopt low carbon and innovative construction methods to save energy and resources throughout the execution of the construction project, thereby achieving continual improvement and cost saving in the long run.

The Group and Community

“Serve the Community” is the corporate value of the Group. The Group is committed to setting a good example as a corporate citizen through undertaking various kinds of projects. Fulfilling the duties of a corporate citizen is an integral part of the core values of the Group. The Group takes the initiative  to participate in all kinds of social activities and encourages its staff to do the same for the benefit of the needed and the community.

With the active participation of its staff, the Group provides strong support to all kinds of social activities, such as “Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions” organised by the Community Chest of Hong Kong, “Green Rider 2014” organised by the Conservancy Association, “Art in Hospital” and “Bank of China Outward Bound Corporate Challenge”, so as to help needy people in the community and encourage its staff to express their care for the society.

Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions organised by The Community Chest of Hong Kong
On 5 January 2014, approximately 300 staff of COHL and CSCEC and their families took part in “Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions”,  the first large fund raising activity organised by the Community Chest of Hong Kong in the year. Led by leaders of the Group, the dashing staff in tidy and eye-catching tracksuit of COHL walked from Hong Kong Stadium to Aberdeen Country Park Visitor Center. Their participation in the activity attested to the commitment of COHL in public activities  and corporate social  responsibilities. All funds raised this year will  be donated to “Family and Child Welfare Services” to help families in need, so as to unite all families by building up close relationships between family members with love and respect.

“Green Rider 2014” organised by the Conservancy Association
“Green Rider 2014”, organised by the Conservancy Association and jointly sponsored by China Overseas Holdings Limited and China Overseas Charity Fund Limited, was successfully completed on 19 October 2014. Starting from the Barbecue Site in Shek Pik Reservoir in Lantau Island, over 40 staff and their families cycled via Tong Fuk Catchwater and Pui O and then turned back to the start point under splendid sunlight. They also actively participated in various educational mini-games about nature and environment  protection  while enjoying the spectacular scenery along the trail. The activity aimed to encourage our staff to have a healthy lifestyle with work-life balance and enjoy the nature with their families in spare time. This cycling activity was a good physical exercise for our staff and a good opportunity to have a better understanding of the ecological environment and enhance awareness of environment protection. Our active participation also showed the commitment of COHL in charity and corp rate social responsibilities.

The Conservancy Association is a non-government environmental organisation with a long history in Hong Kong. The association is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. “Green  Rider”  is  a fundraising event of the Conservancy Association since 1970s and aims to raise fund for nature education and tree conservation.

Art in Hospital
On 13 December 2014, 中國海外集團婦女聯誼會 gathered over 10 female staff of COHL, CSCEC and their sites to participate mural painting activity in Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin for the coming Christmas. This activity was organised by Art in Hospital, a non-profit making charitable institution. Our staff did a beautiful mural painting in the waiting hall of ambulatory care center of the hospital with an aim to send Christmas greeting and beautify the hospital environment with colours. Patients can be embraced with comforting surroundings which help ease their anxiety.

Art in Hospital is a community art project started in April 1994 and it is a registered charitable institution. Its aim is to serve the needed through therapeutic art creation, and promote a caring community and development of hospital art in Hong Kong. Art in Hospital has organised over 50 mural painting activities so far.

BOCHK Outward Bound Corporate Challenge
On 28 December 2014, BOCHK Outward Bound Corporate Challenge 2014 was successfully held at the Sir Philip Haddon-Cave  Sports Field at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. COHL and CSCEC have participated in this challenge for the fourth year under the sponsorship of China Overseas Charity Fund. Outward Bound Corporate Challenge is organised by Outward Bound and is endorsed by BOCHK. This activity is not only an outward bound adventure fundraising activity, but also an activity providing chance to improve teamwork between staff by building trust and collaboration through creative and interesting racing games. Our active participation is significant for us as it further shows the commitment and devotion of COHL on charity and also maintains the strategic relationship with banks.

Project List

Central-WanChai Bypass-Tunnel (Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Section)
Central-WanChai Bypass-Tunnel (Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Section)

HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road
HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road

Chek Lap Kok - Passenger Terminal Building
Chek Lap Kok - Passenger Terminal Building

Details Design & Construction of Sheng Shui Slaughterhouse
Details Design & Construction of Sheng Shui Slaughterhouse

Construction of UC Hong Kong Centeral Library at Causeway Hong Kong
Construction of UC Hong Kong Centeral Library at Causeway Hong Kong